Fitness novices have to go through three stages

a man resting after a workout

For newcomers to fitness, blind training for a period of time, when you feel that your body has not changed, you will slowly give up. In fact, fitness does not only have a correct start, but also has to go through three stages before it can better persist.

Stage 1: Strength training. It stimulates muscle growth, and increased muscle mass is essential for subsequent muscle gain and fat loss. Novices can exercise the large muscles in one training day without the need to isolate the muscles or engrave a certain muscle. Recommend novice 3 actions: wine glass squat, flat bench press, high drop. Can train the lower limb muscles and upper body muscles separately, while enhancing the ability of limb coordination and physical fitness. It is recommended to practice 3 times in 1 week, 1 day off in 1 day, and 1 month.

Stage 2: Three major training sessions. After the first stage has a certain training foundation, you can practice the “golden action” of fitness, that is, three major trainings: deadlift, bench press, and squat. The purpose of this phase is also to increase muscle mass. The three major exercises are multi-joint composite movements. When the whole body muscles participate in exercise, it is very helpful for the whole body muscle growth, which allows beginners to practice more muscle groups in a short time and balance efficiency. It is recommended to practice 3 times in 1 week, and rest for 1 day in 1 day, and insist on more than 1 month.

Stage 3: Differentiation training. Through the first two stages, the trainer may have a certain amount of muscle, but the muscle shape is not perfect. At this stage, some differentiation training is required to carve the muscles. Use the chest, shoulders, back, legs, hands to separate exercises, and exercise strength. If you want to reduce fat, supplement with aerobic training. It is recommended to practice 5 times a week, and exercise 1 part each time.

Fitness novices don’t want to pursue immediate results at the beginning, exercise is a lifelong thing. At the same time pay attention to diet, bid farewell to high sugar and high fat, improve protein intake in the diet. Maintaining adequate rest is also critical.

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