It’s better to do this in the pull-ups.


The pull-ups are common fitness exercises. What are the common techniques for pulling up the body? The following small series introduces you to the essentials of the pull-ups.

What muscles do you pull up?

The back latissimus dorsi (which can widen the back), the biceps, the forearm muscles, and the stretching of the pectoralis major and the shoulder deltoid muscle to some extent.

Pull-up skills

1. When you are falling, let the body swing back.

2, the other point is: hands with the same shoulder width, pull up the rhythm as fast as possible, can not stop.

3. When the lever is pulled upwards, let the body swing back and forth. Pull up when you pull up, and pull up by the power of swaying.

4. Keep the body swinging back and forth during the process of one liter and one drop. This will make you a lot easier.

Pull-up benefits

1. Pull-ups can exercise the waist and back of the person to relax the muscles.

2, pull-ups can promote the growth of bones, thus achieving a long and high effect. At the same time, it should be noted that the diet should be balanced, do not picky eaters, add calcium and protein, and eat more foods containing “amino acids”.

3. When doing pull-ups, it will exercise the heart and lung function of the human body.

4, when doing pull-ups, you can exercise our upper arm muscles, chest muscles.

5, when doing pull-ups, will exercise the muscles of our body, so as to achieve the role of weight loss.

6, when doing pull-ups, can exercise the shoulders, enhance the strength of the arms and waist.

7. When doing pull-ups, you can exercise your back to ease the hunchback.

8, pull-ups can enhance people’s physique.

9, pull-ups can improve our various sports performance.

10, white-collar workers and motorists who are often sedentary, through the pull-ups, can adjust the lumbar vertebrae to prevent lumbar muscle strain.

11. When doing pull-ups, you can exercise your back muscles to achieve a beautiful back.

Common pull-up tips are wrong

The pull-up technique is wrong: you have not done the full motion completely.

It is important that you do not complete the full-length exercise. It is important to remember that the back muscles are the most important muscle groups in your pull-ups. When you centrifuge your body down, you should put your hands down, otherwise the arms will cost too much. Strength, our main body pull is to train the back muscles instead of the arms.

Pilot up skill error 2: elbow in the wrong position

If you want your back muscles to be stronger and more trained, don’t leave your elbows behind your body, your elbows should stay below the horizontal bar, and it will make it easier for you to lift your chest.

Pull-up technique error three: no shoulder contraction

The hardest part of the pull-ups is to learn how to control the shoulders. Every training should be done by clamping and relaxing the shoulders. This will allow you to use your back muscles instead of your forearms and two.

Pilot up skill error four: your body stays upright

A lot of mistakes say that you need to keep your body upright when you are in the pull-ups. This is a wrong way. We know that the pull-ups are to train the back, and we just said that doing a pull-up requires a shoulder contraction. When you try to shrink your shoulders and keep your back upright, you will find it impossible.

Pilot up skill error five: swinging body

Some people will do the pull-ups of the swinging body, and the speed is very fast, but it is not an ideal posture. Swinging will make it impossible for you to train to the training place so effectively. What kind of training is the same, too much to do too fast is a certain danger, leading to injury.

       The above is the introduction of the technique of pulling up the body, the introduction of the essentials of the pull-up technique, and hope to be helpful to the friends of fitness.

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