The doctor teaches you to choose the right pair of running shoes

running shoes

Whether you are walking or jogging, choosing a pair of suitable shoes is critical to avoid knee ligaments and meniscus injuries.

Running shoes are divided into outsole, midsole and upper. The outsole is the layer at the bottom of the shoe that is in contact with the ground. Wear and slip resistance are the key. The material is usually carbon-containing rubber. The midsole is the part between the bottom and the upper that cushions the vibrations from the ground to protect the feet. The midsole material is mainly foamed rubber such as EVA or PU. The most important aspect of the upper is ventilation. It is best to choose a product that is easy to put on and off.

There are currently 4 types of running shoes on the market. The first is the buffer type, which is mainly suitable for people with normal or valgus feet and who have never had serious cripples. This running shoe is lighter in weight and suitable for light weight (within 160 kg) and short distance runners. The second is shock or stable, low arch, flat foot, foot varus during running, external character, heavy weight, running more than 4 times a week, need to give some support to the foot, wear this kind of shoes Most suitable. The weight of such running shoes is generally heavier than the cushioning type. The third is cross-country running shoes, suitable for cross-country running, the venue is generally in muddy trails, mountain trails and so on. Its characteristics are that the texture of the outsole is exaggerated, the sole is hard, and the upper material is generally waterproof. The fourth is marathon running shoes, also known as horse shoes. This is a professional marathon training shoes, characterized by very light and easy to run.

Need to be reminded that a pair of running shoes, medium-weight people need to consider replacement after running six or seven hundred kilometers. If you want to improve your physical fitness by jogging and reduce the risk of injury as much as possible, in addition to choosing the right running shoes, you should also pay attention to losing weight. When exercising, try to be on a softer road. Don’t just jog. It is best to do some cross training and fully exercise the small muscle groups.

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