Six wrong exercises accelerate aging

Active exercise is very beneficial to health. But the incorrect way to accelerate the aging of the human body, especially the following should be avoided.

Error 1: The exercise is too dense. Although it is admirable to arrange the exercise schedule, rest is necessary. Prolonged, strenuous exercise and lack of sleep increase the cortisol content in the blood, causing an increase in blood sugar. These sugars combine with collagen fibers and cause a decrease in skin elasticity, long spots and premature wrinkles. No matter how passionate about exercising, take at least one day a week.

Error 2: Poor body posture. Poor posture can damage the spine and make you permanently hunchback. To avoid poor posture and wrong posture, you need to exercise under the guidance of a professional instructor who can calibrate the position of your body’s various parts. Yoga, Pilates or ballet exercises can also correct poor posture.

Mistake 3: Only do aerobic exercise. Although many people insist on exercising, they only perform aerobic exercise. In fact, strength training can help you continue to burn calories while not exercising, and it helps to maintain muscle weight and make people look younger.

Mistake 4: Ignore the pelvic floor muscles. When you exercise, the pelvic floor muscles may not be the first part of your muscles, but it is important. Neglecting the pelvic floor muscles can cause women to enter the middle-aged abdomen and suffer from urinary incontinence. In order to keep the pelvic floor muscles tight, you can do Kegel exercise (lifting anal exercise) 3 times a day, each time to do 3 groups, each group 10 times.

Mistake 5: Ignore high-intensity intermittent exercise. High-intensity intermittent exercise is very effective against aging. According to a study in the Journal of Cellular Metabolism, mitochondrial performance is improved by 69% in elderly people with high-intensity intermittent exercise, which helps to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of diabetes. Therefore, it is necessary to perform 3 high-intensity intermittent exercises every week.

Error 6: Never decompress. Practicing yoga and martial arts helps keep your skin supple and shiny, and you can also try to use meditation to relieve stress and anxiety.

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