Yoga mats will also “get older”

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Yoga training can’t be separated from yoga mats, but people often overlook that when yoga mats are also aging, they need to be replaced in time.

When practicing yoga, there will be a lot of sweating, and day after day, the dust and sweat on the surface of the yoga mat will accumulate. To ensure hygiene, it is best to wash once every other week. Do not use disinfectant directly for sterilization, it will corrode the mat and shorten the service life. The correct way is to spray two drops of detergent to 4 bowls of water, spray on a yoga mat, then wipe with a dry cloth, and then dry in the shade or a little sunshine. Remember not to expose it to strong sunlight, which will cause the mat to crack. When you don’t use it, roll it up and don’t fold it.

How to judge the “shelf life” of yoga mats?
First, check if it is easy to clean; when it is laid on the ground, it is easy to flatten and not wrinkle.
Second, check if it is sticky. If it is slimy, it should be changed.
Third, I will see if I will slip after sweating. You can wet a small piece of yoga mat and imitate the condition after sweating.
Fourth, is it easy to carry? If it is no longer “obedient”, the explanation is too old.
In addition, if your yoga mat starts to smash, or cracks, permanent stains, you should consider changing the new mat.

Yoga mat is best to choose TPE material, it does not contain chloride, metal elements, anti-static, soft, compliant, strong grip, compared with PVC mat yoga, the weight is about 300 grams, more convenient to carry around . PVC mats are the most commonly used type of yoga mats, which are low in price but contain polyvinyl chloride, which is a carcinogen. In addition, there are latex yoga mats, which have numerous pores, good air permeability and smooth surface due to the pores. Therefore, aphids cannot adhere, have excellent elasticity, are not deformed, can be cleaned, and are durable. However, the latex itself does not prevent the oxidation process and oxidizes faster when exposed to ultraviolet light. Moreover, latex pads can cause allergies.

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